PMT can provide a chiller for any application including, control room A/C, glycol, direct expansion, chilled water, or equipment cooling.

PMT qualifies chillers to the appropriate plant specific nuclear specification requirements. All equipment is designed, dedicated, qualified, and tested in accordance with PMT’s 10 CFR 50 App. B QA Program.

Digital Controls and Retrofits

Software Verification and Validation

•    IEEE 7-4.3.2, 2003: Criteria for
Digital Computers in Safety Systems
of Nuclear Generating Stations.

•    EPRI TR-102323, Rev. 2/3:
Guidelines for Electromagnetic
Interference Testing of Power
Plant Equipment.

•   EPRI TR-106439: Evaluation and
Acceptance of CG Digital Equipment
for Nuclear SR Applications, 1996.

•    USNRC Reg. Guide 1.152, Rev. 2:
Criteria for Use of Computers
in Safety Systems of Nuclear
Power Plants.

•    USNRC RG 1.168, Rev 1:
Verification, Validation, Reviews, and
Audits for Digital Computer Software
used in Safety Systems of Nuclear
Power Plants – Feb 2004.

Field Services
PMT’s experienced crew of field service technicians and engineers provide installation and repair solutions throughout the nuclear industry.

PMT can provide field repair, installation, upgrade and maintenance services.
PMT will provide the manpower to get the job done quickly, safely, and on budget.