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Schulz Electric can repair and provide new EQ motors. Two speed containment fan motor pictured.

Environmentally Qualified Electric Motor Repair

Random or form wound, we can repair all EQ motors. 

Containment fan motor pictured.


Gearbox Repair and Replacement

Gearbox repair and replacement will be done by our experienced crew. This includes cooling tower fans, CRD, centrifugal charging and main feed pump gearboxes.

DX Coil for Battery Room Cooler

HVAC Equipment

Chillers, Air Handlers, Dampers, Cooling Coils, 

Heat Exchangers, Custom Equipment. Any type of Nuclear HVAC, we are the source.

GE vertical motors to be used for surplus safety related and eq application for the nuclear industry

Surplus Motors

Need a like-for-like replacement? We can design and 

build it for you. Even safety related motors. All types of nuclear motors.


EDG Repair, Rewind and Health Assessment

Need to assess the health of your EDG? We have performed many assessments. We also perform field troubleshooting and shop repair.

AES Contacts


James Dean


+1 (203) 888-1536

International Plants Excluding Canada

Paul Waterloo

Vice President

+1 (708) 771-0719

Braidwood, Byron, Clinton, Dresden, LaSalle, Quad Cities, Point Beach, Fermi, Cook, 

Palisades, Wolf Creek, Callaway, Prairie Island, Monticello, Cooper, STP, 

Comanche Peak, Diablo Canyon, Columbia, Hanford Site, Idaho National Labs

Bruce, Darlington, Pickering, Point Lepreau

Milton Slade

Field Engineer

+1 ( 770) 338-2111

ANO, Grand Gulf, River Bend, Waterford, Sequoyah, 

Watts Bar, Browns Ferry, Vogtle, Hatch, Farley, 

St. Lucie, Turkey Point, UPF Facility

Whit Ward

Field Engineer

+1  (706) 782.0331

McGuire, Catawba, Oconee, Harris, Robinson, Brunswick,

 North Anna, Surry, Calvert Cliffs, Peach Bottom, Limerick, Susquehanna, 

Indian Point, Ginna, Nine Mile Point, Fitzpatrick, Seabrook

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